Patricia Román-Carrasco, MSc. PhD.

Patricia Román-Carrasco studied Nutritional Sciences as well as Food Science and Biotechnology in the Autonomous University of Madrid and did the last year of her master studies as Erasmus student in the Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (BOKU). After working at the Institute of Milk Hygiene of the Veterinary University of Vienna (current Unit of Food Microbiology) as a research technician, she joined the research group of FH-Prof. Univ. Doz. Dr. Ines Swoboda in the Competence Center for “Molecular Biotechnology” (in the Molecular Biotechnology Section at the FH Campus Wien) as PhD candidate, focusing her research on red meat allergies,

and completed the Immunology PhD program of the Medical University of Vienna. During her doctoral studies acquired in-depth knowledge of the immune system and allergic diseases, with a special focus on allergy to the α-Gal oligosaccharide.

Currently, she is a postdoctoral research fellow in the research group “Immunology” headed by FH-Prof. Univ. Doz. Dr. Ines Swoboda and in cooperation with the Research Group on Ticks and Tick-Borne Microorganisms, in which she is a visiting scientist investigating the immune responses to tick saliva that may induce the development of allergy to α-Gal.Her work on α-Gal has resulted in the publication of several research articles and reviews on the topic, as well as co-authorship of a research project granted with funding by FWF.

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